Why CheckSend?

Feel safe when you work with Microsoft Outlook®.

  • Does your message contain specific keywords?
  • Did you forget to attach a file?
  • Are you really sending to recipients you wanted?

Let CheckSend check it for you!

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1) Download & Installation

Download & installation

  • Download the installation file
  • Save the file in a place you remember, then double-click it to start the installation. You will need administrator permissions to do this.
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  • After the successful installation start Microsoft Office Outlook®. You should find a new button in the toolbar.
    In Microsoft Office Outlook;reg;2010 it will look like this:
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    In older versions of Microsoft Office Outlook® you will find a small button in the toolbar:

2) Configuration


  • Click on the CheckSend button in Microsoft Office Outlook® to see an overview.
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  • Configure address warnings.
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  • Configure content warnings.
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  • Configure attachment warnings.
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3) Done!

You are ready to go

  • Whenever you send an email, an appointment, a task or a meeting invitation CheckSend will check for possible errors and show you warnings.
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  • Click on the links in the warning dialog to see the details.
  • Do not forget to buy a license key for CheckSend to support further development.